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Marketing an revelation in wound injury treatment

The brains behind this amazing device couldn't have been more appropriate - the inventor is a neurosurgeon. With literally years of hands-on experience with scalp and head wounds, who better to deliver a modern day alternative to traditional bandaging than Mr Jake Timothy - full time Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS? Following 12 years of development and with global patents now in place, HaemoCap is ready to launch.

Using suction technology, this easy-to-use device can be applied quickly by one person, applies even pressure to the wound and offers medical staff access to check on the injury without having to re-bandage.

Following our referral from Simon Taylor Consulting and working with the HaemoConcepts team (using their established black and red theme) the materials balance simple-to-follow instructions - the device will be applied in potentially life-threatening situations - with eye catching graphics.

The website includes application video guides and animations that display site applications around the body.